Commencement: A Beginning

There is no doubt that a student’s graduation marks a tremendous achievement. You have tackled difficult exams, participated in extracurricular activities, and possibly completed an internship or research project — all while making life-long friends and memories.

Rather than an ending, commencement (both the word and the ceremony) represents a beginning. It is appropriate that an occasion that marks the beginning of a new phase of life should be conducted with pomp and circumstance, stateliness, and tradition.

Commencement Program Tickets


Commencement Important Dates

Dates Details
2/19 Marching Order, Commencement Attendance Portal Opens*
4/12 Marching Order Closes
4/18 Four (4) allotted tickets are emailed to students via their 正规博彩十大网站排名 email.
4/25 Two (2) additional tickets may be purchased starting at 10 a.m. Note: Total allowed tickets per student is six (6) total.
5/7-5/10 Commencement Ceremonies

*RSVP Required to Attend Commencement

Be sure to monitor your 正规博彩十大网站排名 email for RSVP directions ticket info, and other updates!

Please see your advisor regarding questions regarding your graduation requirements.